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The making of this web site is to provide information on the Blood Type Diet. It is presented in simple English with a hope that the viewer could easily understand the practice of this diet. Generally, Blood Type Diet could separate into four categories, i.e., Blood Type Diet O, A, B and AB. Blood Type Diet believed that every blood group needs different foods for health optimization and the right foods could assist in weight loss.


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Blood Type Diet: Weight Loss and Diet Chart


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Blood Type Diet for Weight Loss and the Diet Chart

Blood type diet determines each blood type has a weakness to specific diseases, benefits from specific exercises and should only eat certain foods which are suitable to the individual blood type.


This diet has become extremely popular lately and makes a lot of sense naturally for many people, which is referring to human history and evolution.


Many in the opinion that by changing the diet, the weight reduce dramatically while hardly trying.


Generally, the Blood Type Diet can be grouped into the following: -


Type O

Need a high protein, meat based diet

Type A

Vegetarian based diet

Type B

Varied diet that consists of meat, vegetables, grain and dairy

Type AB

The diet is of mixed type of A and B that is primarily vegetarian with meat, fish and diary included occasionally.




Blood Type Diet Chart

The diet by blood type is having a vital role in gaining, losing and maintaining weight. It also helps in maintaining the body health and immunity levels at the most favourable levels. The following table is tabulated into different blood type with different diet. It consists of food allowed according to blood type, food to avoid in the particular blood type and food for blood type that assist in weight loss.


Blood Type

Food based on Blood Type

Allowed food according to Blood Type

Food list for Blood Type to avoid

Food list for Blood type that helps with weight loss

Type A


beans, fruit grains, legumes, seafood, tofu, vegetables

dairy, kidney beans, Lima beans, meat, wheat

pineapple soy foods, vegetable oils, vegetables

Type B

Balanced diet

beans, dairy, fruit, grains, legumes, meat (no chicken), vegetables

buckwheat, corn, lentil, peanuts, seeds, sesame, wheat

eggs, greens, licorice, liver, tea, venison

Type AB

Mixed diet

beans, dairy, fruits, grains, legumes, meat, seafood, tofu, vegetables

buckwheat, corn, kidney beans, lima beans, red meat, seeds

dairy, greens, kelp, pineapple, seafood, tofu

Type O

High Protein

fish, fruit, Meat, vegetables

Brussels, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, kidney beans, lettuce, mustard greens, navy beans, sprouts, wheat

broccoli, kale, kelp, liver, red meat, salt, seafood, spinach, sprouts, wheat



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