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The making of this web site is to provide information on the Blood Type Diet. It is presented in simple English with a hope that the viewer could easily understand the practice of this diet. Generally, Blood Type Diet could separate into four categories, i.e., Blood Type Diet O, A, B and AB. Blood Type Diet believed that every blood group needs different foods for health optimization and the right foods could assist in weight loss.


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Blood Type Diet: Pros and Cons


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Blood Type Diet: Pros and Cons

Always, there will be pros and cons for every diet. Blood Type Diet has the advantages and disadvantages too.


The disadvantages are: -

         No calorie counting on the blood type diet.

         As the blood type diet is relatively new, it has not enough scientific studies to support the reliability and credibility.

         Some scientists dispute on the effects of lectins that Peter D'Adamo proposes.

         If the dieters do not know their blood type, they have to do blood test to find out.

         Dr. D'Adamo does not specify how much weight dieter would lose after following the diet.

         Food list according to Blood Type remains the same for blood type positive or negative



The advantages are: -

         The foods that suit the dieter can be consumed in the quantity that wanted.

         The body system is able to process the foods efficiently.

         The blood type diet is not expensive.

         In order to practice the diet, just need to buy the blood type book or search the information on the internet.

         This diet is natural, healthy and packed with nutrients.

         Homeopathic doctors believe in this diet.



According to many medical experts, the blood type diet is a hokum. The medical experts are in opinion that there is no relation between the blood group and the type of food individual eats.


Therefore, not many well known and well qualified nutritionists or diet expert advice on this type of eating for the blood type. The reason is most of the essential food groups are not considered in the Blood Type A and O.


Therefore, it is for individual to decide whether to follow or not to follow on this diet. If the individual were decided to follow on this diet, it is advisable to consult the health care provider or dietitian before starting it.



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