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The making of this web site is to provide information on the Blood Type Diet. It is presented in simple English with a hope that the viewer could easily understand the practice of this diet. Generally, Blood Type Diet could separate into four categories, i.e., Blood Type Diet O, A, B and AB. Blood Type Diet believed that every blood group needs different foods for health optimization and the right foods could assist in weight loss.


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Blood Type

Basically, blood group can be separated into four types. There are O type, A type, B type and AB type of blood group. People with different type of blood group need different foods for health optimization.


The Blood Type Diet is evolved from the evolutionary theory of blood groups. First, it proposed by William C. Boyd. He states that the human blood types have evolved in the similar way as the human species. In other expressions, human can be differentiated from the earliest blood type, Type O. Through evolution the blood type has evolve from Type O to Type A and Type B and the latest blood Type AB.


The naturopathic doctor Peter D'Adamo has look into details and did research for many years on the relationship between food and blood types, and wrote a best selling diet book called "Eat 4 Your Blood Type".

There are plenty of people to whom, are remained sceptical of this diet as it is mainly theoretical. Since this theory is relatively new, it is lack of credible scientific studies to proof its’ reliability and creditability. Nevertheless, many of the dieter have try and swear for enjoying positive results like a slimmer body shape and increased in energy.


The theory of the blood type diet mainly relied on the actions of lectins, where proteins found on the surfaces of foods that react in a different way with particular blood types. Peter D'Adamo is in opinion that each blood type has different levels of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. This dissimilarity creates a difference on the mechanism that food is digested, absorbed, and fat metabolized.


The sequence of evolution determines the diet for each blood type. The opinion should relate to some extent, where human would look back in the history and try to replicate the diet from the era of each blood type that evolved.







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